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To Koi Network communities,

As a project that aims to build the culture bridge between Web2 and Web3 economies, token metrics are a key part of our tokenomics, which acts as health indicators.

Looking back at crypto history, tokenomics is often used to gauge a project’s chances of success and its future scale. After all, tokens are the lifeblood of any endeavor in the crypto space.

Similar to how monetary policies are used in traditional Central Banks, the goal of a token is to maintain a sustainable economic model by making sure there is an appropriate amount of asset supply and a healthy incentive system. In addition, it also helps us be transparent about where it is distributed.

In this piece, we’ll do our best to explain Koi Network Tokenomics and list the token metrics.

Total token supply

The total number of KOI tokens is 1,000,000,000, which is fixed.

The total token supply can give you a general estimation of our overall confidence in Koi Network and its business model.

Market cap

KOI token’s market cap — or market capitalization — refers to its total value. It is calculated by multiplying the price of a KOI token by its total number of outstanding tokens.

Although it should be decided by the market soon, the valuation of Koi Metaverse A fundraising round was 45 million dollars. The total fundraising size of the Pre-A and A rounds was 5.3 million dollars.

KOI Token Utilities

Governance: KOI token holders will be able to stake their tokens and participate in governance voting.

  • Staking: Creators and Players will be able to stake their KOI tokens into the Community Treasury to be the governor of Koi Network and share the future revenue.
  • Payment: Creators and Players will be able to use the KOI token as the preferential medium to conduct transactions, play games, and access Koi Network NFT services.
  • Reward: Koi Network provides token rewards for the creative work done within the network, artistically and managerially.

Value Captured by KOI Tokens

The creators and players within Koi Network are incentivized by KOI tokens through network governance, participation, and providing user-generated content.

Apart from the Metaverse game, Koi Network aims to build a Web3 creator space that is governed by its builders. The revenue generated within the network will fund its future developments in the way dictated by KOI token stakers to ensure the network remains sufficiently decentralized.

Token Allocation

Token Deflation

KOI Token Deflation = Burning + Staking + Utility

Koi Network’s governance token — KOI, with a finite supply, is deflationary by default.

Upon it, we add another deflationary layer that pushes Koi Metaverse and its communities to participate in activities that reduce the token supply. Listed below are the ways to achieve this end.

🔥 Burning

KOI token can be used to obtain Genesis NFTs, buy islands, acquire in-game items, and be used for NFT trading. The built-in burning mechanism requires all consumed KOI tokens to be burned, reducing their future circulation.

🏦 Staking

Staking has the added benefit of contributing to the decentralization of the blockchain project. Koi Metaverse will allow its communities to stake KOI tokens and receive BNB as rewards to secure the network and amplify its deflationary attribute.

🔧 Utility

The utilities of the KOI token will help to further constrain its circulation. $KOI represents the right to govern Koi Network and its future roadmap. And players will need KOI tokens to enter the game and NFT/PFP services and conduct payments when using the Koi GameFi services, including the marketplace, auction, lending, renting services, and index products.

About Koi Network

Koi Network aims to build the cultural bridge between Web2 and Web3 economies. It is a decentralized community-driven platform that enables users to merge Web2 applications and Web3 native cultures via a single touchpoint, bringing your digital collectibles to the masses.

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