Koi Labs Closed $5.3 Million Fundraising With Series Pre-A and A Round at $45 Million Valuation

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4 min readNov 22, 2021


We are very thrilled to announce Koi Labs has closed its Series A Round with a 2.7 million dollars investment. The valuation of Koi Metaverse A fundraising round is at 45 million dollars.

The total fundraising size of the Pre-A and A round is 5.3 million dollars. The investors involved in this round are crypto communities, influencers, and game guilds from all over the world.

First and foremost, the purpose of this fundraising is to recruit multiple crypto talents to power Koi Metaverse development and marketing, expand and build its metaverse ecosystem, and continue to fuel its exponential growth.

One month ago, in Pre-A Funding Round, we secured a 2.6 million dollars investment led by AU21 Capital, Titans Ventures, ZBS Capital, X21 Digital, Maven Capital, Encrypt Club, Kyros Ventures, Exnet Capital, and many more like-minded crypto partners. The Pre-A Funding Round was to get the operations off the ground and refine the business idea, which successfully led to further talks with many crypto partners who helped close the Series A Round very quickly.

We understand the current NFT phenomena can be overwhelming. The stats surrounding NFTs have been mind-boggling with some digital items selling for millions of dollars while GameFi, the intersection of decentralized finance and the gaming industry, is attracting mass attention from the crypto community and the biggest venture capital firms in the sector.

Within this booming, or even chaotic environment lies countless opportunities. In the 3rd quarter only, NFT sales surged to $10.7 billion, up more than eightfold from the previous quarter. We can only imagine what the future of this space will look like.

We believe the inflow of fresh capital will enable accelerating the Koiverse game development and help us roll out the game testing earlier. In terms of creating an ecosystem for Koi Metaverse to drive forward its adoption, we have been in discussions with the leading platforms and exchanges in this industry. We cannot wait to share more with you on what is going to happen with Koi Metaverse.

Current Game Development Schedule

In Koi Metaverse Game Development & Launch Plan — 2021 Q4, we detailed how we were going to gradually roll out the game components. The following development will be completed at:

  • 🐟 Mining module: November 5th
  • 🐳 Breeding module: November 19th
  • 🐬 Pictorial Book module: December 5th

So Koiverse development will happen in two phases to accommodate Koi Metaverse’s overall testing and operation requirements.

Breeding and Mining modules will be completed on November 22nd. (The $SHELL mining module has been completed and ready for public testing. Details will be shared very soon.)

The Pictorial Book module and its functions will be completed on December 5th.

By the time Pictorial Book is completed, it will witness the completion of core game functionalities and close the game rules loop.

Future Game Launch

After the completion of the Pictorial Book module, we are going to kick off 2022 with a variety of new gaming modules.

Fishing and pond

It will be the first one to be introduced, in which a gamer can activate a fishing pond and allow other gamers to pay the fee and fish.

PVP/PVE battle

It is another major component within the Koi Metaverse. PVP stands for ‘Player vs. Player’ and PVE stands for ‘Player vs. Environment’, also known as ‘Player versus Monster’. This module will propel the game into an underwater world where players and the in-game characters can interact.

Island Defensive War

It will be a new chapter of the game. In it, different characters and storylines will be introduced.

Fish Mecha NFT Card Game

It will be built upon the Koi Network as the new sci-fi NFT card game.

Again, Koi Labs aims to unlock the next-gen GameFi Metaverse economies by building the digital collectibles platform for GameFi NFTs on multi chains. So Koi will be the next-generation infrastructure for issuing, trading, and liquifying GameFi NFTs from different chains like Ethereum, BSC and so on and It is aimed at building a Metaverse dedicated for GameFi NFT assets.

We look forward to meeting you there. 🌊

About Koi Metaverse

Koi Aims to Unlock the Next-Gen GameFi Metaverse Economies by Building the Digital Collectibles Platform for Virtual GameFi NFTs on Multichains.

Koi is a next-generation infrastructure for issuing, trading, and liquifying GameFi NFTs from different chains like Ethereum, BSC and so on. It is aimed at building a Metaverse dedicated for GameFi NFT assets.

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Koi Metaverse’s mission is to unlock the Next-Gen GameFi Metaverse Economies.