Koi Metaverse INO With Chainboost — Your Complete Participation Guide

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3 min readMar 26, 2022


Helloooo, Koi fans,

Koi Metaverse Initial NFT Offering (INO) is now official.

This time, we will be working closely with ChainGuardians to allow all NFT and Metaverse lovers to explore the Koi Metaverse and pick the unique virtual Koi fish they fancy.

Koi Metaverse Initial NFT Offering (INO) is a new cryptocurrency crowdfunding innovation based on the concept of non-fungible-token, which involves offering a set of limited edition NFTs for sale to bootstrap project building.

NFTs are a huge part of the Koi Metaverse. It is the underlying assets that lay the foundation of its gaming, and it is driving the adoption of the overall GameFi concept. The NFTs for sale in this INO will be closely related to our game design, marketplace, and future Asset Gateway.


  • Koi Metaverse Initial NFT Offering (INO) will be executed with Chainboost, powered by ChainGuardians.
  • This INO will open on April 12th.
  • This INO will be launched on Binance Smart Chain, on which our game is to be launched as well.
  • The total amount of NFT available: 700
  • The Ethereum addresses owning Koi NFTs of Genesis Collection Offering — Phase 1 will automatically receive KOI private round allocation based on a random block snapshot (Please hold your Koi NFTs anytime to avoid missing the airdrop!).

ChainBoost Participation Guide

ChainBoost is an NFT and Defi-oriented incubator and BoostPad protocol designed to be the go-to solution for users and projects, all powered by the ChainGuardians ecosystem.

To be eligible to participate in Koi Metaverse INO, you need to follow the Chainboost guide.

  1. Go to ChainBoost.io or 👉 Click HERE
  2. Connect wallet
  3. Under “my profile”, go to KYC Status and click on “KYC Unverified”.
  4. Fill out the necessary info and confirm your email address.
  5. Complete KYC but provide identity and proof of residency documents.
  6. Once KYC is completed, users will need to go to the Koi project page and click on “express interest” on the right side of the screen.

In short, you must 👇

✅ Complete KYC on http://chainboost.io

✅ Express interest: https://bit.ly/3tAoipm

✅ Register before April.10.22 | 3:00 PM UTC

To be more prepared, we recommend the following materials 👇

About Koi Metaverse

Koi Aims to Unlock the Next-Gen GameFi Metaverse Economies by Building the Digital Collectibles Platform for Virtual GameFi NFTs on Multichains.

Koi is a next-generation infrastructure for issuing, trading, and liquifying GameFi NFTs from different chains like Ethereum, BSC and so on. It is aimed at building a Metaverse dedicated for GameFi NFT assets.

Contact Koi Metaverse

📄 Website: https://www.koi.io/

👍 Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoiMetaverse

🎮 Discord: https://discord.gg/koi

✈️ Telegram: https://t.me/KoiMetaverse

📗 Medium: https://medium.com/@KoiMetaverse

💻 Github: https://github.com/KoiMetaverse

🔗 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/koi-metaverse

📧 Email: info@koi.io



Koi Network

Koi Metaverse’s mission is to unlock the Next-Gen GameFi Metaverse Economies.