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5 min readAug 5, 2022


Hi there, Koi School 🐙

Welcome back to Koi Network and another Monthly Report.

The past few weeks have been hectic for all of us. We finally launched the $KOI listing working with Huobi, a top-tier exchange, in a relatively quiescent market. However, the overall crypto market looks better than in June.

July began with depressive prices, but it managed to bounce back and closed the month with promising results. We believe the biggest reason behind the crypto market’s rise is the constant development of this space. Everyday innovations, features, technologies, and advancements boost the digital economy up.

In this Monthly Report, we will do a detailed recap of what we have achieved in the last few weeks.

More details are below 🐋

Create & Mint Marine Beast NFT

On Jul 18th, we launched Marine Beast NFT creating and minting session, which lasts from 1 PM UTC on July 18th to 1 PM UTC on July 31st.

Marine Beast is the PFP virtual artwork created by Koi Network working with a group of Web3 artists and nomads managed by Koi Labs. Marine Beast is a product of the ethos of our time.

100% mint revenue goes into KoiDAO treasury

Upgrading Koi Network Gaming — Meta Seas

With the new project direction, we decided to launch a brand new gaming identity. Meta Seas would incorporate all of the former gaming components into the future game upgrades, including Social First, Rarity Creation, and Open world Created by Players.

The new gameplays include Expedition Squad, Island Management, Sea Monster Hunting, and Gene-Suit Fish Collection (KOI Mine).

Direction Change & Awareness

We kicked off June with an article and another detailed mini-thesis on what the near future holds and why we are building the Koi Network.

This is the new thinking pattern we want to instill in the next chapter of this project. Gaming is good, and with GameFi, gaming is even better. However, Web3 culture is something larger than ourselves that can give the ultimate meaning to our future endeavors.

The ultimate goal is to create and develop such a culture that better unites people, incentivizes people into good behaviors, and propels our society to a more sustainable trajectory.

And we believe Web3 Culture is the New Currency.

Today, many of us are suffering from a vast and primal hunger or pains that our ancestors did not. It is not a hunger for food or the pains of diseases. It is a hunger for more and better engagement from the world around us.

This discovery reaffirms our belief in Web3 culture.

Koi Partnership Building

This month we announced our latest strategic partner — DystoWorld, a digital world full of opportunities. Its players can explore a mind-bending world backed up by a complex ecosystem rich in unique digital assets (NFTs), cryptocurrency tokens used in the intriguing economy of the game, and other crypto and mainstream gaming fans.

This partnership will help us exchange resources across different metaverses, allowing our community to mingle and use their unique NFTs in other metaverses and gaming environments, which will help us further establish more partnerships and contribute to our community growth.

In addition to that, this partnership will also focus on mutual marketing endeavors to raise brand recognition. Both parties will explore different ways to enhance the Metaverse gaming experience and GameFi assets interoperability.

Koi Network Tokenomics

Before the $KOI listing, we made a detailed post to explain Koi Network Tokenomics and list the token metrics.

As a project that aims to build the culture bridge between Web2 and Web3 economies, token metrics are a key part of our tokenomics, which acts as health indicators.

Koi Network ($KOI) on HuobiGlobal Primelist

On June 25th, it was announced that Koi Network had been selected as a Huobi Primelist project. Koi Network ($KOI) IEO on Huobi Primelist is a momentous moment for Koi Network and our communities because Web3 culture and economies are never insular.

A slot on Huobi Primelist will introduce us to a great number of crypto enthusiasts and those who are eager for a true digital identity. We believe the more diverse our space is the more chances it has to prosper.

Koi Network Ecosystem Airdrop

Since Sep 8, 2021, we have been working with our communities to bootstrap Koi Network and its applications via multiple marketing and product testing events.

We’ve gathered the information of all our early supporters from our Telegram community, Twitter page, Youtube channels, and many others in conjunction with our partners to compile the addresses for the $KOI Airdrop.

Initial DAO Offering (IDO)

In Koi Network, we made extra emphasis on KoiDAO. We envision KoiDAO as a self-organizing and self-governing entity that represents a group of new generation artists, content creators, and web3 economy enthusiasts.

With Koi Network’s Initial DAO Offering, we want to build such a DAO. The purpose of Koi Network’s Initial DAO Offering is to pool our funds together to drive Koi Network’s future development.

$KOI Investor Staking Programs

To thank our investors and community members for the overwhelming support along the way and for believing in our project in the long term, we wanted to ensure that your $KOI investment allocation earns for you while you hold them with no vesting in the first month.

About Koi Network

Koi Network aims to build the cultural bridge between Web2 and Web3 economies. It is a decentralized community-driven platform that enables users to merge Web2 applications and Web3 native cultures via a single touchpoint, bringing your digital collectibles to the masses.

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