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2 min readDec 5, 2022


Hi there, Koi Gang 🐙

Welcome back.

Following our announcement in October, we started a new round of team building, reaffirming the counter-intuitive truth that market downtime is the best time to build and hire talents, as workers commonly leave their jobs because they want better career development and advancement opportunities. In addition, tumultuous times, such as this crypto winter, force people to face uninspiring leadership and a lack of meaningful work.

Team Building & Interviews

We are thrilled to announce that we have received a substantial amount of applications through info@koi.io and other community channels.

In November, our efforts in team building can be summarized into the following stats:

Senior Web Engineer Interview: 5

Product Manager Interview: 4

Blockchain Engineer Interview: 13

Future Roadmap

As the October report mentioned, we are working on devising a new workable plan to secure our position in the Metaverse space in the following market cycle. We envision building a decentralized community-driven platform that enables users to merge Web2 applications and Web3 native cultures via a single touchpoint will become one of the most popular and innovative sections of the future market.

After extensive research, we at Koi Network conclude that the Metaverse graphics, at the current stage, should aim for community and accessibility instead of realism.

In the next stage of Koi Network building, we will focus on offering as much accessibility as possible to the community and steer away from building an animation-heavy product.

Technical Development

However, our previous work is not wasted. They are stored.

The new gaming identity is still under the optimization process, meaning Meta Seas now incorporates all of the former gaming components, including Social First, Rarity Creation, and Open world Created by Players. In addition, the new gameplays include Expedition Squad, Island Management, Sea Monster Hunting, and Gene-Suit Fish Collection (KOI Mine).

Our next step is to build a metaverse community with great accessibility based on the previous products and gameplays. Please stay tuned for more details.

About Koi Network

Koi Network aims to build the cultural bridge between Web2 and Web3 economies. It is a decentralized community-driven platform that enables users to merge Web2 applications and Web3 native cultures via a single touchpoint, bringing your digital collectibles to the masses.



Koi Network

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