Koi NFTs Genesis Collection Offering — Phase 1: Newborn

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  • Koi NFTs Genesis (KNG) is a limited NFT Collection of 5,000 NFTs of Koi Metaverse, which will be introduced in phases via a fair mint launch.
  • The Whitelisting of Phase 1 (Newborn) will start from 10 am UTC, on 10th Sep, and will end when all of the 400 whitelist spots were claimed and announced.
  • The Offering Launch Time of Phase 1 will be announced when the whitelisting concludes. Please complete whitelisting process ASAP before Offering Launch.
  • In Phase 1, only 1,000 mystery boxes of Koi NFTs are available for purchase at 0.06 ETH per box and all purchases will be executed in a First Come First Serve (FCFS) manner.
  • Only the 400 whitelisted addresses are eligible to purchase in Phase 1, and each whitelist can buy up to 5 Koi NFTs whose rarity levels are varied and random.
  • You have to complete all the tasks to secure your whitelist.
  • Please CLICK HERE to enter the contest.

Koi NFTs Genesis Collection Offering

Koi Metaverse is super excited to announce its Koi NFTs Genesis Collection Offering. In this event, any NFT lover is welcome to explore the Koi Metaverse and pick the unique virtual Koi fish they fancy.

Among these fishes hide some of the most unique deep-ocean creatures we humans rarely see. Again, do not be fooled by their cute look because deep inside there might be immense power stored in them that we mortals don’t know about. Please keep in mind, Koi Metaverse is a world that is least explored, and a world filled with hidden gems.

Once purchased, your Koi fish will be minted into sellable NFTs in the Koi Metaverse very soon. However, the core functionality of your unique Koi fish is to do mining in this Metaverse, meaning you can collect pure-bred fish, activate pictorial books, and mine more KOI by interacting with this hidden world. Exploring is the only way forward.

What is Koi NFTs Genesis (KNG)?

Koi NFTs Genesis (KNG) is a limited NFT Collection of 5,000 Koi NFTs from Koi Metaverse. Each of these Koi NFTs represents both unique digital collectibles on the ETH/BSC blockchain as well as players’ access to our blockchain games.

KNG’s unique artworks are available at different rarity levels. One NFT is randomly assigned to a blockchain address with the following probabilities:

  • Legendary — 5-gene-suit 2.6%
  • Very Rare — 4-gene-suit: 5.8%
  • Very Rare — 4(of 5)-gene-suit: 5.8%
  • Rare — 3(of 5)-gene-suit: 11.4%
  • Rare — 3(of 4)-gene-suit: 11.4%
  • Common — others: 63.0%

*Suit means the necessary genes needed to enhance your NTFs to the next level. Different suits will have different mining power in games. The details of the explanation will be included in other articles.

Legendary — 5-gene-suit
Very Rare — 4-gene-suit

Campaign Details

In Phase 1 of the Genesis Collection Offering. We will only provide three breeds of fish in a fair launch. The Koi NFT fish will be stored in mystery boxes randomly. The Koi NFT box owner can mint their Koi NFT fish immediately at different rarity levels.

The total available number of Koi NFTs in Phase 1 is 1,000, with a fixed purchase price of 0.06 ETH per box.

The exact Offering Launch Time of Phase 1 will be announced soon ASAP. Please complete whitelisting process before Offering Launch.

To make sure the first batch of Koi NFTs are purchased and owned only by the hardcore fans. Koi Metaverse decides to execute this NFTs Genesis Collection Offering with a whitelist, which means only the whitelisted addresses are eligible to purchase, with a buy limit of up to 5 Koi NFTs.

(Each whitelisted address can purchase up to 5 Koi NFTs. Remember Phase 1 will be executed in a First Come First Serve (FCFS) manner. This Offering will end immediately once all Koi NFTs are sold out.)

Once you purchase a Koi NFTs, you will instantly enjoy the rights to:

  • A 20% discount in Phase 2 without whitelist requirement.
  • Become the seed player of Koi Metaverse (Koiverse), meaning you are more likely to capture your high mining power fish.
  • Opportunities to play to earn and enjoy the return from Trading, Breeding, and Tank Casting, etc.
  • Join the mining programs, including Fishing Mining and Pictorial Book Mining.

The details of Phase 2&3 will be disclosed after Phase 1. Please stay tuned.

Whitelisting Now!

This community whitelisting round will offer 400 addresses an opportunity to purchase some beautifully designed NFTs in Koi Metaverse. Each whitelist can only buy up to 5 Koi NFTs.

Whitelisting Proposal: 100 whitelists (NFT influencers only) + 300 whitelists (open for everyone)

Start Time: The Phase 1 Whitelisting process will start from 10 am UTC, 10th Sep and it will end until all 400 whitelists are secured.

We are perfectly aware that it is a challenge to put a number on the contribution and value of your community input. However, to make sure this is a fair launch, we propose all whitelist-getters should go through a small competition and get ranked based on timeliness, social media interaction, and content contribution, etc.

Criteria as the following (Koi Metaverse team will check applications manually until all whitelists are filled).

🐠 Follow @KoiMetaverse on Twitter (1 EXP)

🐳 Join Koi Metaverse in Telegram (1 EXP)

🐋 Join Koi Metaverse in Discord (1 EXP)

🐬 Retweet this Genesis Collection Offering tweet with the comment “#KoiNFTLaunch(3 EXP)

🐡 Tag 3 Twitter accounts by retweeting this Genesis Collection Offering tweet (4 EXP)

You have to complete all the above tasks to secure your whitelist. Please CLICK HERE to enter the contest.

These first 1,000 unique Koi fish NFTs will take you and me to the edge of the world. We believe these NFTs will blur the line between what is real and what is virtual. In addition, the NFTs you are about to own also come with utility and reward, and they will show you what treasures the deepest of the deep hoards.

Welcome aboard. 🚀

About Koi Metaverse

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Koi is a next-generation infrastructure for issuing, trading, and liquifying GameFi NFTs from different chains like Ethereum, BSC and so on. It is aimed at building a Metaverse dedicated for GameFi NFT assets.

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