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3 min readJul 8, 2022


Greetings, adventurers 🤿

First off, thank you, the supporters, creators, and players.

What a journey. It has been hectic for us at Koi Network since the beginning of this endeavor and we know many of you have always been with us through ups and downs.

You have been here before. This time, we are about to dive deeper. Thanks to the people who helped us test and continue to refine the Koi gaming, we decided to upgrade Koi Network gaming and give it a brand new identity — Meta Seas.

Key Upgrades

  • The 2.5% of the total revenue generated in Meta Seas will go into Koi DAO Treasury, shared and governed by all $KOI stakers.
  • Meta Seas will incorporate all of the former gaming components into the future game upgrades, including Social First, Rarity Creation, and Open world Created by Players.
  • The new gameplays include Expedition Squad, Island Management, Sea Monster Hunting, and Gene-Suit Fish Collection (KOI Mine).
  • KOI is the community governance token, 30% of which is used for in-game mining. KOI can be used to obtain Genesis NFT in-game, buy land, buy in-game items, and can also be used for NFT trading.

About Meta Seas

It is immersed in the deep water, with two contrasting civilizations, the shallow sea and deep-sea civilization.

The shallow sea, naturally, allows its inhabitants to bask in warm, sunny, and superfluous water, and, through time, it gradually develops its unique civilization and technology that greatly surpasses the deep-sea civilization.

Words have it that the deep-sea world used to be pitch-black and dreary, only inhabited by the aboriginal creatures who were resigned to darkness and a few sparks of light throughout their life. However, with the presence of a mysterious family from the shallow sea world, the ecology here has been changed completely and forever.

This family of adventurous creatures calls themselves Koi. They unearthed the crystal mine that hoards massive power. They utilized their advanced technology. And they gave light and provided thrust to the deep-sea civilization.

Like everything else, it gives light and dark to this world.

Meta Seas Stratum

The Koi family levitates above everyone as the manager of the city of deep-sea. They occupy the top where the technology development center is.

In the middle lives the massive conurbation, inhabited by the aristocrats and wealthy merchants of the original deep-sea world. They have a close relationship with the Koi family, working together to tap the potential of crystals and provide energy for the deep sea.

Located in the deepest part of the deep-sea world are the ordinary and ignoble groups who settled on the verge, along with the expansion of crystal mining.

About Koi Network

Koi Network aims to build the cultural bridge between Web2 and Web3 economies. It is a decentralized community-driven platform that enables users to merge Web2 applications and Web3 native cultures via a single touchpoint, bringing your digital collectibles to the masses.

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