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3 min readJun 28, 2022

To all Koi fans,

Thank you for your support. We truly could not have done it without you.

As we grow the Koi Network community in our mission to build the culture bridge between Web2 and Web3 economies, we knew we could not do this alone. After all, Web3 is more about belief than anything else. We believe the foundational principle of web3 lies in the simple shift of mindset.

To make this shift happen, we need builders and believers like you to create a movement to move more people into this path.

With this post, we want to thank a special set of people who had joined us from the very beginning and have continued being by our side. We want to follow the traditions of crypto and Web3 space and put a strong emphasis on fair incentives.

We believe that by executing the $KOI airdrop distribution plan our community will be fairly rewarded in the form of $KOI tokens. Please know that there has been a huge community of people who extended their hands to us in ups and downs. The only regret is not being able to reach each one of you.

How to Access

Since Sep 8, 2021, we have been working with our communities to bootstrap Koi Network and its applications via multiple marketing and product testing events.

We’ve gathered the information of all our early supporters from our Telegram community, Twitter page, Youtube channels, and many others in conjunction with our partners to compile the addresses for the $KOI Airdrop.

The selected members/addresses will be able to receive the tokens without doing anything and then can proceed to hold or trade them as they wish. If you haven’t been contacted by our team earlier for your wallet address or if you have not participated in any of our events, then you wouldn’t have received the drop.

Please stay tuned for future events. There will be many ways to participate in Koi Network building.

$KOI Airdrop Distribution Plan

The $KOI airdrop comes from the KOI Ecosystem Fund, which is 2% (20,000,000) of the total KOI token supply.

Vesting: 1-month cliff, then 100% released after TGE.

(* We are still collecting and calculating airdrop tokens for some of our previous long-term events. Details will be announced soon.)

Our Huobi Primlist is only days away. We like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the passion of our community builders and followers across all platforms, which has been fueling us to focus on our vision and missions and help us get through the ups and downs.

We have a long way to go and a lot more to give back to our community.

Thank you, Koi fans!

About Koi Network

Koi Network aims to build the cultural bridge between Web2 and Web3 economies. It is a decentralized community-driven platform that enables users to merge Web2 applications and Web3 native cultures via a single touchpoint, bringing your digital collectibles to the masses.

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