Koi Metaverse Game Development & Launch Plan — 2021 Q4

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3 min readOct 20, 2021

From day one, we have been aiming at one thing only, which is to do something larger than what everyone is expecting, making Koi Metaverse more than JPG NFTs and a blockchain game.

We strive to build a virtual world where you can interact with other humans and bots to create, launch and play games, conduct business, socialize and shop. We believe that is the metaverse of the future, and this is where the Koi Metaverse is heading.

However, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. Because in spirit, we are all heading toward the world’s wildest and weirdest space — Metaverse 👾

By launching Koi Metaverse, we are taking you to an immersive undersea world step by step. From our Koi NFTs to Koiverse, the fish farming blockchain game, to the Koi Network, in which you are offered one-stop services to NFT and GameFi.

🌊 Recap of Many Steps Taken

On September 8th, we said Hello World! with our project introduction — An Immersive View At Koi Metaverse, in which we talked about how Imagination is too splendid and we humans are going virtual and the important components that underlie Koi Metaverse.

On September 10th, Koi NFTs Genesis Collection Offering — Phase 1: Newborn was launched. The first Koi NFT owners were ready for the edge of the world and explored the treasures the deepest of the deep hoards.

On October 2nd, Opensea Official Listing & NFTs Airdrop was launched and it took Koi NFTs to a broader community.

On October 4th, Tweet Fire Monthly #KoiNFTGiveaways Season 1 was launched. And with this program, Koi NFTs are being claimed, shared, and bought every single day. Just simply search #KoiNFTGiveaways on Twitter.

🐠 Koiverse Building and Launch Plan — The Game

Koiverse is an integral part of what we are building. This fish farming blockchain game combines token economy and NFT assets, both indispensable to the system.

You can understand Koiverse as an intricate network of smart contracts, carefully designed components, and most importantly, all of the in-game assets belong to its players. Upon launch, players can mine more SHELL by taming highly powerful fish or grow them by spending more SHELL, creating a healthy mini-economy.

Gamers can lock their Koi fish into the pictorial book to mine KOI, the governance token, and use it to participate in other DeFi activities in the Koi Network.

With that being said, Koiverse’s core components and functionalities include Mining, Breeding, and Pictorial Book.

In consideration of the segmented testing, the overall development process is estimated to take 6 to 7 weeks. All development tasks have been assigned to the assignees, which will be completed by the following dates:

  • 🐟 Mining module: November 5th
  • 🐳 Breeding module: November 19th
  • 🐬 Pictorial Book module: December 5th

🐋 Koiverse Development Schedule:

Koiverse development will be broken into two phases to accommodate Koi Metaverse’s overall testing and operation requirements.

Developments of the Breeding and Mining modules will be completed on November 22nd.

The Pictorial Book module and its functions will be completed and ready to launch on December 5th.

By the time Pictorial Book is completed, it will witness the completion of core game functionalities and close the game rules loop.

We look forward to seeing you there.

About Koi Metaverse

Koi Aims to Unlock the Next-Gen GameFi Metaverse Economies by Building the Digital Collectibles Platform for Virtual GameFi NFTs on Multichains.

Koi is a next-generation infrastructure for issuing, trading, and liquifying GameFi NFTs from different chains like Ethereum, BSC and so on. It is aimed at building a Metaverse dedicated for GameFi NFT assets.

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Koi Metaverse’s mission is to unlock the Next-Gen GameFi Metaverse Economies.